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Konvalia Jewelry

Starry Night Earrings

Inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Starry night’, this beautifully handcrafted sterling silver earring set looks as though it was taken directly from the painting itself…

Size: 1.6cm x 0.6cm

This artistic earring set represents the beauty and hardships we face while following our dreams. The blue, midnight sky represents the sadness we endure when chances of our dreams becoming a reality fall through. The cypress tree represents evergreen and reminds us to stay pure. The golden stars and moon stand for new dreams and a new hope. When the pine trees touch the bright moon and stars, our dreams can be realised and we are no longer afraid when we encounter lonely and hard times on the journey of chasing our dreams.

A combination of gold plated cloisonne, midnight blue enamel and an oil dripping design perfectly blends to create this miniature version of Van Gogh’s immortal painting.

Earrings: S925 Sterling Silver | Size: 1.6cm x 0.6cm






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